We been breeding for over 16 years. MaryAnn is a stay at home wife and mother, Dad is a public school teacher and our sons are 9 and 11 years old and love to play with the puppies!

Vision Kennel has a long history of breeding top quality poodles. The owner , MaryAnn is a  certified animal assisted therapist . She ran a internationally know therapy program at the  Devereux foundation for over 12 years and worked 19 year's in total at The  Devereux Foundation working with all kinds of disabilities . Our dogs were used in this therapy program daily. The zoo program had a kangaroo, horses, small mammals , parrots ,potbelly pig and more. The dogs worked with up to 200 kids in a day. So they needed to be bombproof and safe for all kinds of kids and disabilities.Check out our page called Animal Assisted Therapy to see a story written about the program.

After retiring from Devereux, MaryAnn continued to breed for the prefect family pet , a dog that could both excel as a pet but also be used in any kind of therapy program

Moving Forward

In 2000 , We moved to a 10 acre farm and ran a full scale boarding kennel and breeding program for 10 years. In Aug of 2011 we sold the farm and moved. We are now located on a 6 acre property with a wonderful log cabin and have down scale to just two females and plan to only have a litter or two a year.

email- visionknnl@aol.com