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Buyer - 

Breed-___Standard poodle_______                                        


Description-                                                            Date of whelp-

Sire-                                                                         Dam –


All of our dogs are registered in American Kennel Club –AKC PO box 37900 Raleigh NC 27627



This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health. To the best of our knowledge. At the time of sale, and has had inoculations as listed on their papers. The customer has a health guarantee of 10 days in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do so. If the veterinarian finds something life  threaten wrong with the puppy, it will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value at once or when available. Provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy’s illness and the puppy is returned within the guarantee period. Puppies can get worms , so we have put all the puppies on a once a month heart worm pill. We can not stop the puppies from getting coccidia or giardia, we worm them for 10 days to stop them from having coccidia , but with the stress of the move it could show up anyway . We do not guarantee against either of these things, since they are treatable with a pill from the vet.

This puppy comes with a one year guarantee on its health. If the dog gets a genetic or hereditary disease and has to be put down then Vision Kennel will replace it with  the first available puppy of the same quality/price. Your are responsible to pick up the new puppy.You will need to supply a notarized letter form your vet with the reason for the death or for putting the dog down. I must receive the letter within 2 days of the dog being put down or dieing. You must also send proof that the dog had received all of its shots and had been kept in good health. Please have the vet include this in the report. A year from the date of purchase, the dog is yours and Vision Kennel takes no responsibility for its health. No exchanges after this period. If you cant keep the dog , you must offer it back to us first, we dont want any of our dogs ending up in SPCA or Rescues.


This puppy is being sold as a pet. Vision Kennel is no way guarantees that this dog is of breed able quality. Please do not breed a pet quality dog! The puppy comes with limited reg on the AKC papers and can not be bred or showed. The buyer should have the dog fixed as soon as the vet says it is possible. The dog must be fixed at 6 months or earlier or the contract and the warranty is forfeited and you owe Vision Kennel the price of the dog back as a fine for not fixing the dog. You will receive the AKC papers after you fix the dog and have sent us proof of it. You understand this and agree to this .If this takes longer then allowed by PA law you agree to the term we have set not PA law. You are not allowed to breed to any other breed of dog to produce mix breed dogs. If you do you will be fined the price of the dog 3X over.


The seller assumes no responsibility on this puppy after leaving the premises. Medical expenses, mortality or for any other reason. The seller does not guarantee against genetic problems later in life. If you at any point can not keep the dog and need help finding a home for it please call us and we will do our best to help you find a home for it. You will be expected to feed you dog quality food during the warranty period. The dog will need to be on a routine worming and flea program. Exercise is an important part of this dog’s life and future, so remember to exercise daily. We hope you enjoy your new family member and feel free to call us with any and all questions or concerns in the future. I have read the above and agree to said conditions. If for any reason there are legal problems they will be resolved in Pennsylvania in Chester County Courts.


PURCHASER’S SIGNATURE_______________________________DATE_______________

 PAID IN FULL_______________________________________DATE___________________



Buyer and /or owner____________________________

Breed-___Standard poodle_______                   Sex_____

Description_____________________________ Date of whelp__________________________

Sire- __________________________________  Dam________________________________



 Deposit Agreement

This dog is being sold for the price of  $ ____ balance payable upon delivery of the puppy. Any other agreed upon payment or conditions are in the sales contract. A deposit of one half (1/2) of the selling price is required. The remainder of the balance is to be paid in full at the agreed time of pick-up. If shipping, the buyer is responsible for shipping cost and crate. Buyer has one week to ship the puppy from date of 8 week birthday or sale date. Or they forfeit the deposit.

You have __   pick  in  the litter, After Vision Kennel (we reserve the right to fall in love and keep any back we want) this deposit is non-refundable. If the whole litter was to die or not be born in a certain litter you had choose. You would be move to the next available litter at the number pick that is available. You’re responsible to pick up the puppy on a set date at a set time. The pick up date for this litter is ________________ or 

I will get back to you with the date and time if they are not born yet .


Vision Kennel will call you 24 to 48 hours before hand in order to set up a pick up time. We need you to arrive plus or minus 15 minutes of the scheduled time for there are others waiting to pick up their new pet. If you are unable to make this time Vision Kennel will pick your puppy for you. Will not be able to change pups after that because there are other people waiting in line after you to pick and take their puppy home.

If the puppy is of the proper age (around 8 weeks) to leave the breeders home and it does not suit the new owner, then there are boarding fees that will need to be paid on the pick up date 

Boarding fees are as follows- $17.00 a day board

If the buyer decides that the puppy was not a good idea and does not want the puppy any longer. Then the entire deposited amount is forfeited to the breeder and the puppy will be resold.


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