Dearest Delicious Grandma MaryAnn,

Thanks for being there! Thanks for being you, Many, Many thanks for helping my real mom, wind give birth to me! I’m sooo lucky you help connected my new parents, Linda and Stu , they love me sooo mucy. Its hard to beleive its already one year since I was born .

Love and 1,000 licks, Watson Mass














Stuart Mass <stuartmass@hotmail.com>


Hi Maryann!    thanks for two great dogs/friends!

Just had to send you a quick thank you note with this picture.  I love the new puppy!  He is adjusting well and finding his way in the pack.  As you can see in the picture, that in spite of his size, he is not afraid to have his voice heard!  He lets Holly know that he is not happy when she takes his toy away.  They get along really well.  After less than 48 hours, the puppy is already finding ways to signal at the door when he needs to go out.  It doesn't get any better than that!


Tanja <tanjagus@yahoo.com>


Dear Mary Ann!


Here is a new autumn photo from Chili at Huntsman Lake, VA. He is still the best boy ever.

We are very happy with such a wonderful Standard Poodle from your kennel.


We have several dogs with leash aggression in our neighborhood. Some owners have a hard time holding them back while Chili is unimpressed and continues to walk by. It is just a joy to walk him on leash or off leash. I also love to take him with my bike. He has a beautiful stride and enjoys it as much as I do.


Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dog!


Have a very enjoyable and successful autumn!




From: "Robidas, Kelly A" < KRobidas@sovereignbank.com>
Date: May 3, 2012 4:46:36 PM EDT
To: Mary Ann Riess < visionknnl@aol.com>
Subject: Oscar

Hi Maryanne,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that our boy Oscar is still doing really well.  He is such a gentle soul.  He has taken to counter surfing of late (ate an entire stick of butter on Easter), but otherwise, he’s perfectly behaved J  He just took a 2 hour temperament test for a new dog daycare, and he passed with flying colors.  The tester said he is a wonderful dog, so funny, and absolutely loved all the other dogs.  I’m telling you, I could never have asked for more in a pet.  Ironically, while visiting the vet’s office in Douglassville last month, we ran into one of your other dogs bred about a year prior to Oscar’s litter.  They were the spitting image of one another and exhibited pretty much the same qualities.  Of course, physically, he is beautiful.  We have people stop their cars to ask about him.  We go to the dog park 3 or 4 times a week and have passed your information along to a number of people.  I’d love to see a few more of these red poodles running around!!

Anyhow, I will send some more photos soon, but in the meantime, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Take care,

The Robidas Family

Kelly, Nick, Owen and Oscar



Date: March 6, 2012 11:04:28 AM EST

To: Mary Ann < Visionknnl@aol.com>

Subject: Chili born 11. Jan. 2008

Reply-To: Maria Carola Tucker < god_is_my_foundation@yahoo.com>

Dear Mary Ann!

I need to tell you again what a wonderful dog Chili is. We celebrated his third birthday Jan. 11 this year. He still is the "best boy ever" as our friends who love to take care of Chili in our absence coined the phrase. He even charmed their 90 year old mother who usually doesn't like dogs.

Chili has great social behavior with other dogs and is not easily offended or angered but is not timid. He loves to play with his girlfriend Jaeger (same age brindle boxer) and other dogs in our neighborhood.

He stole my husbands heart who was very reluctant in the beginning but now invites him into his bed for a little while before we are going to sleep. Chili is very polite. He waits until he is invited to jump on our bed and also leaves it when ask.

Chili is pretty much obedient unless he sees a cat, squirrel or deer before we spot it. I love to walk with him through our neighborhood wood. Especially on a day like this.

Thank you so very much for breeding him!

We are complete happy and enjoy Chili every day!

I hope you and your family are doing well!

M. Carola Tucker



Hi Maryanne,

I wanted to let you know that Oscar (picked up Sept 17) is doing really well.  He’s a sweetheart.  Full of energy and stubborn at times, but he really is a fabulous pup.  He absolutely loves people and other dogs (his entire rear-end wags when people and other dogs approach) and he does really well with our 4 year old son.   We have him enrolled in puppy school, and he’s doing great.  He’s fully house-trained, and knows sit, lie down, shake, down (as he’s very boisterous and loves to jump, jump jump!), stand (which is useful at the groomers!), and he is a natural born retriever!  He did OK at his first grooming appointment—they said he tried to mouth once, but overall, he was “excellent for a puppy”.  Oh, also, he loves the cat, but still hasn’t figured out that she isn’t a puppy.  He play-bows to her about 10 times before walking away.

We’re going to start him in dog daycare next week, which I’m sure he will LOVE.

Is his mom still available?  I am not sure I remember even asking you about her.

Thanks again!

Kelly Robidas


Panzer & Heidi are 6 yrs. old today. Both are in excellent health. Panzer still eats like a horse and stays slender. Heidi is still boss and does all the talking for the both of them. Panzer is a big pussy cat, loves to lay on the couch with his head on mamas lap. Heidi prefers to lay on her lap when she sits watching TV. Fortunately, she is a lot smaller. She is absolutely the cleverest Poodle we have ever had. Both are fun and playful, we love them both. Attached is a B'Day pic.

Jim & Lynn Bambard



Dear MaryAnn!

Hope you had a great 4th of July celebration. We took Chili with us for picnic with our friends and fire work.

We tried his reaction the night before. Chili was a little concerned but not afraid. He looked at the sky in wonder. The same behavior he displayed at the 20 minute long fire work on Fort Belvoir (Army Base).

Chili was loved and patted by children. He is our love and joy! Thanks for breeding dogs like Chili.



Hello Mary Ann,

Its been a little over a year since we flew up from Florida to pick up Gus. He's a couple of weeks over a year now and we could not be more happy. He has quite a personality! Gus weighs about 43lbs now. He always keeps us on our toes. He is WICKED smart! Since we picked him up he's passed the AKC "Star Puppy" class. Also, he has completed the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Tricks classes at PetSmart! We are thinking of doing agility with him to keep him involved!

We attached some pictures of him growing up. We LOVE what you have done with the site in the past year. We have a ton of videos we also took of him growing up / doing tricks. We can send those to you as well if you like to add to the site.

Also, we have attached a scan of his neutering surgery. Can you please send us his papers when you have a chance?

He is the most popular dog in South Florida. If anyone contacts you from Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale its probably because they bumped into Gus. We take him with us everywhere and he is the CENTER of attention!

Maybe if we can sell 10 poodles in florida we can get Gus a brother or sister for 1/2 off?! :-)

Hope all is well with the Mr. and the kids.


Selise Spector, Shawn Murray and GUS!
5463 Enclave Crossing Way Apt T3
Delray Beach, FL 33484



Hi Mary Ann,
I hope this email finds you in better spirits than the last time we corresponded. And, I hope your father is coping okay since the death of your mother. I know it's not an easy time.

I just wanted to let you know that Ramsey is no longer a "real" man. He had his neuter surgery on July 7th. He seems no worse for wear and is recovering nicely. He is such a great dog and has adapted to our family with no
problems. He's happy  to swim, kayak, camp, snuggle, and play as the opportunity presents. He's generally pretty calm but he does get that "wild hair" every so often. It's funny. He runs around the circle in the house (living room, family room, hallway) like a mad man for about 5 minutes and then he plops down on his bed, happy as a clam in mud, like nothing ever happened. One of his favorite wild hair moments is to go into the bathroom, grab the toilet paper and run down the hall! Oh, to be a puppy. We're taking him to two different puppy training classes, one in Lancaster at Kay Ames and the other in Wellsboro at Bella Vista. He's doing pretty well with the training but he mostly loves to play with the other dogs in class. His listening skills are much better when there aren't so many distractions! He's getting big too! At 5 months, he's 41 pounds. We've gotten a lot of comments from people about how beautiful he is and one person even asked us if this is his real color! Crazy. We'd love for you to see him sometime. I think we'll be heading to Philadelphia at the end of this month. Maybe we can stop by then. I'll give you a call when our plans are more definite and see if you will be around and available for a visit.

Until then, take care.

Cindy Hodge

Mary Ann:

Leroux is doing well after being neutered yesterday (See attached bill).

He continues to amaze us with his intelligence, and mellow and fun nature, and he attracts attention wherever he goes.  He is the star of his puppy class and the instructor frequently uses him as her "example".  He now weighs 52 1/2 lbs so he will still be growing some.  I've attached a fairly recent picture.


Mike and Sherry Schwarz



Happy Easter!   Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!    She did so well posing like an old pro... I told her she was going to have to do this every year for the rest of her life, so she better be good!   I love her sooo much.  I will send more than 1 email with all the pic's of her including her little sister Darby and brother Vinnie.  Enjoy!!!!

Susan Wild



Mary Ann,

I thought you might like an update on "Rusty".  He is a wonderful dog; smart, loyal, athletic  (keeps us young) and in the process of becoming a gentleman.  In spite of an awful winter with almost 3 feet of snow, he was house broken with some patience and lots of shoveling. Of course, there are the usual comments about his color;  ("Is  he a labradoodle?") on his walks.  He occasionally has a bit too much enthusiasm for other people and dogs, but is now in doggy school and is learning manners quickly.  We've done lots of work with him at home, but the classes help enormously.  We haven't neutered him yet, but plan to do so some time toward the end of May.  He is about 40+ pounds and 23+ inches. We will send a picture of him soon for your gallery.

He is a wonderful dog, and we love him very much.  A great addition to our home and our lives.  So glad we had that chance encounter with "Ziggy" at the farmer's market last summer and had the good sense to follow through.

Hope all is well with you, family and critters.

Best, Maryanne and DeaN

Here's some comments from clients that have got dogs from us! 


I just want you to know what a pleasant experience it was to purchase my "Rusty" from you .

Of course I was apprehensive about buying a dog that I had not seen and form a kennel that I had not visited, but every thing you say about your dogs is true! In fact , Rusty far exceeds my expectations:

1. His temperament is outstanding- very friendly, sweet natured, eager to please, outgoing, and playful.(your breeding for these qualities sure shows)

2. He is very intelligent! You have to stay on your toes to outwit him.

3. He is truly a great companion.sticks to me like glue.I call him the VELCRO dog.

4. Besides all the above he is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. and everyone that sees him agrees. His groomer said he has a magnificent coat  and is a joy to groom.

I recommend your kennel to anyone and you may use this letter as a reference .Also if anyone would like to ask my questions about my experience  Jeri  Roseburg  , Oregon


Yes, you may use the picture.  Merlot is a great LOVE!!!  He is healthy,
beautiful, SWEET and GENTLE.  We get so many compliments on him wherever he

Merlot sleeps in bed with the children as that is one of his "jobs" as a
therapeutic dog.  When my daughter gets up the middle of the night, he gets
up with her and stays right by her side.  He is very loyal and faithful.  He
is my daughter's  new "best friend," and he is helping my son make real
connections to "living animals."

Because of my son's autism, he could spend HOURS playing with plastic, toy
animals in a very rote fashion; now that we have MERLOT, he is learning to
see animals and living things as "more important" than toys or non-living
objects.  It is all such a BLESSING.  Thank you for making such a wonderful
donation to Canine Partners for Life!!!!

The Pixley Family  (Jennifer Pixley)

Hi Maryann:

The lady trainer that has been schooling Heidi and Panzer recently told us that she thought Panzer would make an excellent therapy dog. We had never mentioned Vision Kennels to her or the breeding traits you worked on. We were quite pleased. I think that Panzer is like a big lovable  red Teddy Bear. We love Heidi too, but she is always testing us to find out where her limits are. She is little more than half Panzers size now. He is nearly 50 lbs. and stands about 23 in tall at his front shoulders. Both have responded well to training  They each have a way of letting us know when they want out, and haven't had a accident in a long time. Both want to sleep with us at night. We should have gotten a King Size at the rate Panzer is growing. Needless to say, we are very pleased with our red Poodles.


Jim Bambard 12-05

Dear MaryAnn,

" I named my puppy Jasper after the gem Red Jasper. He is certainly a gem. When we left your kennel, you suggested that I socialize him while being very careful about exposing him to any diseases. Well. he had no problem socializing & now when someone comes into the waiting room, he wants to go & greet them. He plays with his toys or sleeps in the therapy room with me while I am in therapy for those children who are OK with dogs. He shas even won over some children who are afraid of dogs. I used him with one of my 16 yr old autistic, mentally challenged non verbal patient who did not like dogs. After awhile , she was able to calm down by rubbing him & then was able to return to work. Her parents were amazed. I cant say enough about how wonderful he is in every way. I am so glad that you breed such wonderful puppies."

Denice D Clapp, M.C. CCC-SLP, Cert. AVT

Speech-Language Pathologist Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist

Lynchburg, VA

I want you to know that she is a total joy! Our family is thrilled with her. She is a wonderful puppy, with a great temperament, very social and very smart! She is beautiful and gets a lot of attention when we take her out. She is completely potty trained and learned within two weeks. She is also crate trained now as well.

I have been attending obedience class and she sits, stays and walks on her leash on command. We are going to continue with our classes because it is fun to see her learn and know that we can count on her behavior in different circumstances. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are delighted with her. Thanks for all the good work you do to provide happy, healthy pets to families. We would recommend you and your kennel highly to others seeking a standard poodle.

Christine Jacobs   , Bristol PA

Caramel Bear is an absolute delight!

Bear is so bright it's scary and so gentle and cooperative that I keep expecting something terrible to happen. Everything promised about this breed and this particular pup is true. AND he rides in the car beautifully something that is a ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT with this dog. Thanks for selling what HONESTLY represent in your ad!

Seda and Dick Schwarz   sschwarz@epix.net


My name is Jack Conway and about two years ago my wife and I purchased a red Standard from You. Well, we have totally fell in love with this poodle. She is just so full of life and every day is just a new adventure for her and us.We have been talking about getting another . Well, I guess you can anticipate my next question . Do you currently have any Standard pups?

Jack Conway   Joppa, Md


Dear Maryann,

We have had Jean-Luc the standard male poodle that we obtained from you for six weeks. He has certainly changed our life , but is now part of the family. This coming week he and I will finish the puppy Kindergarten coures .I hope that I'll graduate , but there is no question that he will. Even though he is the youngest member of the class, he is so smart that he has run rings around the older and much larger puppies.

Our puppy is warm, companable and very much alive. He wants to spend his time with either my wife or myself. We have been looking for a dog for sometime. I thought that i wanted a standard black poodle. The criteria were that a) the dog had to be smart, b) large enough not to be stepped on and c) he had to be fun to be with. Having a dog that doesn't shed is a additional bonus that dodes well for future domestic tranquillity. When we saw youre red standard puppies. I jettisoned any thought of anything else. This puppy has come into our house and into our hearts. Jean-luc is just a wonderful puppy and all indications are that he will be a wonderful dog!We are very pleased with our puppy.

E.E. Barnes    Cochranville PA

Dear MaryAnn,

The ride to chicago went without a hitch.

I was really glad we didn't go in a ditch

My accommodations for the trip were very fine.

I was such a good girl I did not even whine.

The first place we stopped mon wanted me to pee

But she was afraid to let me go free.

This thing called a leash attached to my neck,

I did not like it, it made me a wreck.

I am used to it now and I walk very proud.

My mom is pleased and tells me out loud.

Once in Chicago I saw my new home.

There is a yard and lots of space to roam.

To my surprise , a dog of another,

my mom introduced as my big brother,

We sniffed and sniffed until in the end,

we finally refer to each other as friend.

He is big, clumsy and looks like Rin Tin Tin.

I run circles around him, a game he can't win.

Out of my crate and running free,

the art of escape is no challenge for me.

Sophia! You are too smart. "my mother said"

and put me back in my bed.

So here I sit planning my next move,

One of many, I'm sure you'd approve.

I hope all is well with Chili and Rose

Now I must bring this letter to a close.

I'm sending puppy kisses but only a few

I believe I just found something to chew!

Love Sophia

Hi, how is everything.  I don't know if you remember us, but we purchased a male from you in August of 05.  His name is Dylan and he is doing very well.  We are very happy with him and his temperment.  He is everything you said he would be.  We are considering another dog at this time to provide some companionship for Dylan as well as another dog for us to fall in love with.  We would interested in either a red or an apricot - preferably a female.  Do you have any litters that fall into this category coming up in the near future.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Troy Turner        


Maryann, it has been just over four weeks since we brought Pia home and I thought I'd let you know how things are going. She is a real sweetheart and has settled in beautifully. We could not have asked for anything more. She has done very well with house and crate training and doesn't mind being alone for several hours at a time.

We are teaching her many new things and she will begin a puppy class in two weeks. I expect an honor grad! She's that smart and eager to please.

Thank you for helping us select Pia.

Regards, Chuck Rosenberry 2-07


Hello,This thank you comes a couple months overdue. We purchased one of your red girls back on December 23. Already owning a black standard for six years, we knew what to expect. I have to tell you that she more than exceeded our expectations. She is a wonderful dog. I was amazed at how quickly she was house-trained. She is now a little over four months old and she is a great addition to our family. You do a great job breeding smart, loving, gentle dogs.Thanks again,

The Jacoby Family

p.s. Pam Noel(red poodle) gets along great with our 6 year old black standard!!



Here are some pictures of Louie.
We cannot imagine our lives without him, thank you for your excellent


Where ever we go people remark about how beautiful he is and what a
great disposition.  He is beginning to wonder if his name is
"Beautiful!".  He is the most patient dog I have ever seen.
When he is not resting in the phlox he's rolling in the chives.  Of
course we prefer the phlox.



Hi Mary Ann,


Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful puppy.  Woody (Woodrow Wilson) has  been with us 1 month now and he is doing great!! He is smart, affectionate, fun and keeps us on our toes.  He will start obedience classes soon and we are sure he will be top in his class...he has already learned to sit and shake hands among other things!!!


When we picked him up from your house we were nervous about driving 4 hours to get home with our new puppy.  I must admit we were anticipating the worst...car sickness, and a few other surprises, but "Woody" amazed us.  He slept in our lap most of the way home and had no problem or accidents at all.  He was calm, relaxed and very sure of himself.

Our compliments to your good work Mary Ann.


He has brought great joy to us this Christmas. Thank you again.


Best wishes,


Dan DeSimone and Alan Stenberg


Mary Ann,


Thank you so much for your excellent breeding!  Our Salsa is now a year old and she is wonderful! Smart, intuitive, well behaved, and a miracle worker. She has taught my autistic daughter not only to be unafraid of dogs but they have become best friends. Where one goes the other is always right behind. Thank you!!



Grace Blunt




 Please put these pictures on your website of our little Annie.  She's
> the most wonderful addition to our family.  She has adjusted so
> beautifully to the city living, as we live in NYC and NJ.  I get so
> many compliments when we go for walks, which she loves.  She's so full
> of personality, and her cute paw-gestures are just unbelievable.
> She's very smart, and has learned so many tricks that not a lot of
> young puppies can pick up at this age.  By the second week, she was
> doing "paw, sit, down, rollover, fetch".  The newest trick I taught
> her is "high-five!". 
> Beautiful. Thank you so much for breeding such quality dogs.
> Josephine H. Shin
> Director
> Barclays Capital
> Email: josephine.shin@barclayscapital.com

Hi MaryAnn,


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you and to let you know how much we love our puppy. 


Our beautiful apricot girl, Mesa, has been such a wonderful addition to our little family.  She is loving and smart and full of crazy puppy energy.  She learns new things every day and is growing like a weed.  Mesa just loves everyone she meets and has made many, many friends in our building.  She is not too sure about other dogs yet but we are working on that.  We'll be starting obedience classes in January and I know that she is going to be a great student.


I have never had a standard poodle this young before and is has been so much fun to watch her figure things out.  She is curious and likes to investigate everything.  Mesa has tons of toys and she loves to play inside and outside and it seems like she is never tired.  She does get a little too excited sometimes so we are working on not jumping and biting. 


We had our first snow earlier this week and Mesa thought it was the neatest thing.  We had such a hard time getting her inside.  She just wanted to lay in the snow and roll around and eat it but her humans were getting cold.



Thanks again for our Mesa! We are already looking forward to getting her a brother or sister when we move into a larger place.


Happy Holidays!




Mark and Rebecca Goodhart




Just wanted to drop you a holiday note and let you know that Bentley is just the most wonderful dog I have ever owned in my life. He is gorgeous, with a beautiful strong red color and a soft coat. 

He has become so much a part of our family (Yes even so much more than Joel could have imagined).

He’s beautiful, bright, calm (even as a puppy), obedient, loving, gentle temperament, sweet natured to everyone and most of all happy and eager to please. He loves the water, I can’t take a shower without him wanting to be in there also. He loves being groomed and is so obedient.  He hasn’t touched a shoe, cord, wall or any item he shouldn’t.

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures for you to see.

My son is so in love with him I’m thinking of getting one and training it for him.  When will you have the next litter that I can get first pick of.  Let me know

Suzanne Shneider  cennazus@comcast.net         



Thought you might like to see how two of your pups are doing.   Tiberius (white, 11-12-2007) and Sienna (red, 1-3-2008) have two completely different personalities.  Ti is very reserve (I guess because of his therapy breeding) while Sienna is a real ball of fire.   We thought Sienna would liven up Ti and Ti would help calm Sienna down.  So far it's working perfectly.  They get along extremely well and spend most of the time playing with each other.  People in the neighborhood like both dogs.  We even have people stop their cars to pet them.   Both dogs are very friendly and seem healthy.  Hope your business is progressing well.   If my wife and I were a little younger (and our house a little bigger) we would love to have another.

Steve Wiist
Bloomsburg, PA


Good afternoon, MaryAnne!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how wonderful our Dawson is.  He is just the most friendly (not so) little guy we have ever seen!  He is growing so fast, it is amazing.  And, Zaccary, my 5 yr old toy poodle, has actually begun playing again.  I told you that he has always been grumpy.  Well, Dawson has even worked his charm on him.  I have attached a few pictures of him so far, and will send more as he grows.  

We love him so much!!!I would buy every puppy you ever had if my husband would let me!  If you need me as a reference contact feel free. 

Thanks again!

Niki Monello




Hi Maryanne,


Just a follow-up to let you know how our little pup is doing. As you can see from the attached photo, there has been some bonding with Chia, our 12 year old Standard, though Pe'trus's ( His name, Pe'trus, being a very rare and exceedingly valuable red wine.) real buddy is Cracker the cat. They follow each other everywhere, Pe'trus, to see just what the cat may have dropped, and Craker out of pure curiosity of what this dog who is the same size as him is doing. Everybody at this point is all sleeping on the same couch. Also, everybody is stealing everybody else's food. At least they all eat real well. Don't worry about him getting fat, I have always kept all of my dogs, lean, disciplined and athletic.


Pe'trus, as expected, is very smart and is basically completely house trained. He sleeps through the night no problems at all and only cried a bit for less than an hour his first night with us. As a puppy, he is a complete joy and as well behaved as most dogs a year older than he is. Actually, he behaves better than most dogs that I know. I'm really looking forward to teaching him a few tricks that I never could get Chia with all of her stubborness to do. That is, if at this point in my life I have the energy to teach Pe'trus to catch a Frisbee and jump through a few hoops.


He is going to have a good life and a long life. Camping, backpacking, boating, running in the woods everyday, vacations, lot's of beach time...I always thought if reincarnation actually exists, I would love to come back as one of my own pets.


Take Care,


Tom and Denise, Chia, Cracker and Pe'trus.








Hi Mary Ann-

We just wanted to updated you on our wonderful puppy, Fergus Willie.  He is doing very well here in Kutztown.  He has been to the groomer, the boarding kennel, and puppy Kindergarten and everyone who has worked with him has said he is a very sweet boy.  We are taking him on walks and getting him out into new environments to help him become more comfortable.  He loves people and is wonderful with children. He enjoys his fenced in yard and the couch in the living room.  He thinks he should be my lapdog although he is having a hard time fitting now that he is such a big boy. He gets along very well with his adopted canine grandmothers, Boudicca and Phooka.  When he gets too rammy they put him in his place and he backs off like a gentleman.  He is fully house trained and crate trained and we are working on polite leash manners (he gets excited and wants to pull when we first go out, but he is settling into walking at my side).


We couldn't be happier with Fergus.  He is a great dog, beautiful, sweet and loving.  Thanks for all your attention in your breeding program.  It definitely pays off.  I feel like I should carry your business cards with me because we always get stopped on the street when we walk Fergus by people who want to admire and ask about him.  Then he immediately charms them by sitting calmly by their feet and leaning into their legs, asking for an ear-rub.  I hope you plan to continue your breeding program for several more years because I am sure we will want to add one of Fergus's cousins to our family eventually.

--Roseanne Perkins





Dear Mary Ann and Family,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve had a happy and prosperous year! Our beautiful red 

poodle, Lily Rouge Bouclé, is almost a year old and we feel so 

blessed to have her as part of our family. She came to us through you 

after her birth in January 2009 and she has become such a very 

treasured part of our family.

Lily is a lively, happy, wonderful family pet and has brought us much 

joy. She is a very athletic girl and has made her mark as an ocean 

swimmer, ball fetcher, and hiker-extraordinaire, as well as being a 

loving companion and funny trickster. She has recently experienced 

the joy of snow and shows inspiring energy toward enjoying the colder 

part of the year. I can’t begin to express how much she has enriched 

our life.


Lily spends a lot of time in Cape May NJ with us at our ocean 

retreat. In Cape May, as well as here in Lancaster, people often stop 

us to comment and inquire about our beautiful red poodle.  She 

certainly is an eye-catcher and traffic stopper! To us, though, she 

is our sweet Lily Girl…smart, very easily trained, loyal, and 

ultimately sweet big curly girl. She joins me in my office very often 

and is well-behaved. Your efforts early in her life made her an easy 

puppy. She came to us so well socialized, knowing that “lights out” 

means “go to sleep”, as well as being easy to convince that “the 

potty is outside”.

I think of you often, especially when Lily exhibits the traits that 

you’d predicted – like being cautious about new experiences, 

submissive to other dogs, and  “not much of a watchdog”. :)

Our best wishes we send to you and your family this holiday season, 

along with our thanks for all you’ve created in your thoughtful 

poodle-breeding practices.

Best wishes to all,

Deb Young   dyoungexh@aol.com





Dear MaryAnn,

I can hardly believe that Emma is already two years old. She has been a wonderful Part of Our family and I can never imagine life without her.

She is a constant compainon to my mother , who has begun this year to show the sighs that eventually come with aging. Emma has traveled with us, becoming an embassador for her breed and a social butterfly, very good in the car and meeting new people and other animals . She is most gracious to children and small dogs, and seem to bond with them without hesitation. My family in other states insists I bring her when I visit as she adapts so well in new places . She learned how to swim with all four paws this year~thanks goodness. She even mastered being off lead at the beach, obeying command and romping in the ocean surf. Hopefully I will find the time to continue training with her, have her certified for good citizenship , and together we will be able to do community work.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. When we are ready for another standard we will be in contact~ you have a great breeding program

Sincerely , Arlene Chabanuk & family.



Hi Mary Ann,

Rudolfo (or, as we call him Rudy) is so wonderful.

 He is 17 months old and was born Nov. 6, 2008 from Roho and Wind.

 I have had him in therapy dog training for the last month, and he takes his test on March 28th.  The trainer said that he will pass with flying colors. 

We have made trips to Home Depot, an assisted living facility, and the mall.  He is truly amazing – so loving, gentle and smart.  The trainer told me that she hasn’t seen a dog that young, learn so quickly. 

 He will be participating in a program for one of our schools.  It’s called “read to the doggies.”    Children with learning disabilities come and sit on large mats with the dogs and read to them.   It’s an awesome program, and he will just love it, and so will the kids.

 He and our other standard, Carmen, get along well.   However, she always lets him know she’s been here first.  

 He loves to lay on my feet, and snuggle up against me in bed.  The other thing he is passionate about is playing ball.  He could fetch all day.

 I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Rudy, and how blessed we feel to have found him. 

 Thank you for breeding such a fabulous dog.  I hope you share this with others that are considering purchasing from you.


Deanna Reuben  deereuben@comcast.net


 Hi Mary Ann,

Just wanted to let you know that Rudolfo (Rudy) passed his therapy dog test today with flying colors!!!!   They couldn’t believe that he was only 17 months old.  He did SO well!!!  

 Our first assignment as a team will be going to a local assisted living center, and we are being billed as “A Dog and a Song.”

Rudy will provide loving companionship, and I will sing songs.   What a team!!

 Thank you again for breeding such a fabulous line of dogs.   He’s such a lover boy, and we love him!!


Deanna Reuben


Hi Maryanne,


It has been nearly two years now since we picked up our wonderful Cleo from you (8/31/08 Stockings litter).  She is incredible!  I can't believe how much I love my dog.  She makes us laugh every single day and has brought us and our two other guys so much joy.


We went cross country with a pop-up camper last summer for 6 weeks and she was so wonderful as a one year old traveler.  She didn't care where she was as long as she was with her Mommies.  The bison in Yellowstone were quite interesting and we went on many hikes where she was too pooped to go on and Mommy had to carry her (one of the photos).


She has a wonderful life and a great yard and she loves her "Poppi" and "Uncle Tug" so much.  We go for walks in the woods and at the creek almost everyday.  She LOVES the water and bites the splashes when we throw rocks in.


She loves our foster children and is hoping, like we are, to adopt them soon so they will officially be her kids.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for our dog.  We could not possibly love her any more!  When it is time for a new puppy, we will be in touch.


Best Regards to you and your family,

Sonja Rothe and Karen Hadley

Woodstock, NY



PS - love the new website and the video made us both cry.