Red Standard Poodle Breeder Available

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Puppies available 1 time a year! There is often a waiting list even before they are born! Call now to reserve .



Vision's Red Standard Poodle puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, breeder of beautiful puppies 1 litters annually, breeds for service dogs, deep reds

Our Deep Red Standard Poodles puppies were used in a nationally known therapy program from handicap kids. This could be a very stressful job for the dogs so temperment is a must! 

Our dogs had to be able to handle constant change and still remain on task and always friendly

Come to Vision’s Red Poodles and enjoy the best!


We are breeding a deep Red Standard Poodle with lots of flash and a great mind to boot! They move like a dream and are a great family pet. Puppies are available at certain times of year.Our reds are often the color of Irish Setters. All puppies come with two warranties and first shots and wormed.All puppies tails are docked but we don't believe in removing their dewclaws(very painful and only needed if you show your dog which we don't allow anyway). Puppies are raised around our  kids and all our other pets .Since we are breeding for intelligence our puppies usually house train in  2  days , WOW!! 

That’s the nice part about  buying from a good breeder, if you have a difficult time house training or how to training your puppy.  You can always call me to have me help you with suggestions and things that will help you learn and grow with your puppy. We encourage the use of bells on the door, all our  puppies are litter box trained before they leave , so we give you somewoody pet pellets to  put in your yard to encourage the puppy to go in it. 



 We have a history of  doing ALL  genetic testing  on our parents. All of our adult dogs have been temperament tested too. All necessary screening for known problems in Standard poodles has done since our first female, 9 generation straight. Which means we have over 9 generations of tested dogs!  We are now moving on our 10th generation and know that there is nothing in our line , which we pass though our females , we test every new male that is bought into the program. We have never had a Vision Kennel dog test out positive for any genetic problems, that cause a puppy or young dog to die . We give two warranties on all of our puppies.

Call first!


You must call us first before sending money on a puppy. Since we believe that a puppy is a life time commitment we would like to get to know you first and feel comfortable giving you one of our babies. 



We sell all of our puppies with AKC papers. You receive the papers after you prove you have fixed the puppy within 6 months of age. ALL of our puppies are sold to be family pets and are not sold to be bred. No exceptions. You sign agreement agreeing to this at the time of sale. 



Check out our puppy page for  puppies that are available and pictures of our studs and stud services.