Top 20 worst dog food

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Here’s pictures of the top 20 worst foods

Here’s what we feed and LOVE ❤️

Eukanuba Large Breed puppy






We used Eukanuba puppy food for 16 years with wonderful results. As times changed and more  expensive foods came on the market we felt the need to change . We Researched and decided to go with the puppy food called BLUE, it was a mess. Extremely unhappy with the product. Our puppy kids were terrible, poor appetite, also often bouts of diarrhea. 

  We also switched to FROMM , a family run business with spectacular food (it’s very pricey ) But what we have found  is that,  litter to litter it  behaves differently with our puppies, sometimes the puppies do well on it, sometimes it appears to be too rich for the puppies and give some loose stools. At this point we are going to recommend staying with  Eukanuba. It seems to be a consistent product without issues. 

 Buyers beware when you go to pet stores, and you asked for advice, they’re always try to sell you the most expensive stuff. 

 Please try  to stay on the product that I’m recommending, you really shouldn’t be changing your puppies food for the first year.  Also keep in mind that there is tons of data now to prove that grain free diet are NOT good for your dogs. They are Causing severe heart issues. Potatoes and peas are also extremely bad for your dogs.  


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