Thank you!



Hi! We have a dog from you- we purchased him (sounds weird to say that!) 3.5 years ago. His name is Lou. He is the most amazing dog! Always grateful for your breeding standards and how lovely he is. 

We are considering adding another dog to our family. But we’d like to have a dog who’s a little older. I know sometimes breeders release dogs who they’ve had for a bit, just wanted to check with you to see if you ever had that situation. And if you don’t right now, maybe you’ll think of us in the future.

Happy holidays, hope all is well with you and your family!


Cat McLaughlin

Linda's big red Dr.Watson

Grab interest


 Dearest Delicious Grandma MaryAnn,

Thanks  for being there! Thanks for being you, Many, Many thanks for helping my  real mom, wind give birth to me! I’m sooo lucky you help connected my  new parents, Linda and Stu , they love me sooo mucy. Its hard to beleive  its already one year since I was born .
Love and 1,000 licks, Watson Mass

Stuart Mass <


Thank You!  cell-484-459-1418  



 Hi Maryann!    thanks for two great dogs/friends!
Just had to send you a  quick thank you note with this picture.  I love the new puppy!  He is  adjusting well and finding his way in the pack.  As you can see in the  picture, that in spite of his size, he is not afraid to have his voice  heard!  He lets Holly know that he is not happy when she takes his toy  away.  They get along really well.  After less than 48 hours, the puppy  is already finding ways to signal at the door when he needs to go out.   It doesn't get any better than that!


Tanja <



 Dear Mary Ann!

Here is a new autumn photo from Chili at Huntsman Lake, VA. He is still the best boy ever.
We are very happy with such a wonderful Standard Poodle from your kennel.

We have several dogs with leash aggression in our neighborhood. Some owners have a hard time holding them back while Chili is unimpressed and continues to walk by. It is just a joy to walk him on leash or off leash. I also love to take him with my bike. He has a beautiful stride and enjoys it as much as I do.

Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dog!

Have a very enjoyable and successful autumn!


 Date: March 6, 2012 11:04:28 AM EST
To: Mary Ann <>
Subject: Chili born 11. Jan. 2008
Reply-To: Maria Carola Tucker <>
Dear Mary Ann!
I  need to tell you again what a wonderful dog Chili is. We celebrated his  third birthday Jan. 11 this year. He still is the "best boy ever" as  our friends who love to take care of Chili in our absence coined the  phrase. He even charmed their 90 year old mother who usually doesn't  like dogs.
Chili has  great social behavior with other dogs and is not easily offended or  angered but is not timid. He loves to play with his girlfriend Jaeger  (same age brindle boxer) and other dogs in our neighborhood.
He  stole my husbands heart who was very reluctant in the beginning but now  invites him into his bed for a little while before we are going to  sleep. Chili is very polite. He waits until he is invited to jump on our  bed and also leaves it when ask.
Chili  is pretty much obedient unless he sees a cat, squirrel or deer before  we spot it. I love to walk with him through our neighborhood wood.  Especially on a day like this.
Thank you so very much for breeding him!
We are complete happy and enjoy Chili every day!
I hope you and your family are doing well!
M. Carola Tucker 


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Hi Maryanne,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that our boy Oscar is still doing really well.  He is such a gentle soul.  He has taken to counter surfing of late (ate an entire stick of butter on Easter), but otherwise, he’s perfectly behaved J  He just took a 2 hour temperament test for a new dog daycare, and he passed with flying colors.  The tester said he is a wonderful dog, so funny, and absolutely loved all the other dogs.  I’m telling you, I could never have asked for more in a pet.  Ironically, while visiting the vet’s office in Douglassville last month, we ran into one of your other dogs bred about a year prior to Oscar’s litter.  They were the spitting image of one another and exhibited pretty much the same qualities.  Of course, physically, he is beautiful.  We have people stop their cars to ask about him.  We go to the dog park 3 or 4 times a week and have passed your information along to a number of people.  I’d love to see a few more of these red poodles running around!!

Anyhow, I will send some more photos soon, but in the meantime, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Take care,

The Robidas Family

Kelly, Nick, Owen and Oscar

Hi Maryanne,
I  wanted to let you know that Oscar (picked up Sept 17) is doing really  well.  He’s a sweetheart.  Full of energy and stubborn at times, but he  really is a fabulous pup.  He absolutely loves people and other dogs  (his entire rear-end wags when people and other dogs approach) and he  does really well with our 4 year old son.   We have him enrolled in  puppy school, and he’s doing great.  He’s fully house-trained, and knows  sit, lie down, shake, down (as he’s very boisterous and loves to jump,  jump jump!), stand (which is useful at the groomers!), and he is a  natural born retriever!  He did OK at his first grooming  appointment—they said he tried to mouth once, but overall, he was  “excellent for a puppy”.  Oh, also, he loves the cat, but still hasn’t  figured out that she isn’t a puppy.  He play-bows to her about 10 times  before walking away.
We’re going to start him in dog daycare next week, which I’m sure he will LOVE.
Is his mom still available?  I am not sure I remember even asking you about her.
Thanks again!
Kelly Robidas 

Panzer and Heidi

Panzer &  Heidi are 6 yrs. old today. Both are in excellent health. Panzer still  eats like a horse and stays slender. Heidi is still boss and does all  the talking for the both of them. Panzer is a big pussy cat, loves to  lay on the couch with his head on mamas lap. Heidi prefers to lay on her  lap when she sits watching TV. Fortunately, she is a lot smaller. She  is absolutely the cleverest Poodle we have ever had. Both are fun and  playful, we love them both. Attached is a B'Day pic.
Jim & Lynn Bambard 


 Mary Ann:
Leroux is doing well after being neutered yesterday (See attached bill).
He continues to amaze us with his intelligence, and mellow and fun nature, and he attracts attention wherever he goes.  He is the star of his puppy class and the instructor frequently uses him as her "example".  He now weighs 52 1/2 lbs so he will still be growing some.  I've attached a fairly recent picture.
Mike and Sherry Schwarz 


 Mary Ann,
I thought you might like an update on "Rusty".  He is a wonderful dog; smart, loyal, athletic  (keeps us young) and in the process of becoming a gentleman.  In spite of an awful winter with almost 3 feet of snow, he was house broken with some patience and lots of shoveling. Of course, there are the usual comments about his color;  ("Is  he a labradoodle?") on his walks.  He occasionally has a bit too much enthusiasm for other people and dogs, but is now in doggy school and is learning manners quickly.  We've done lots of work with him at home, but the classes help enormously.  We haven't neutered him yet, but plan to do so some time toward the end of May.  He is about 40+ pounds and 23+ inches. We will send a picture of him soon for your gallery.
He is a wonderful dog, and we love him very much.  A great addition to our home and our lives.  So glad we had that chance encounter with "Ziggy" at the farmer's market last summer and had the good sense to follow through.
Hope all is well with you, family and critters.
Best, Maryanne and Dean

 Here's some comments from clients that have got dogs from us! 

I just want you to know what a pleasant experience it was to purchase my "Rusty" from you .
Of course I was apprehensive about buying a dog that I had not seen and form a kennel that I had not visited, but every thing you say about your dogs is true! In fact , Rusty far exceeds my expectations:
1. His temperament is outstanding- very friendly, sweet natured, eager to please, outgoing, and playful.(your breeding for these qualities sure shows)
2. He is very intelligent! You have to stay on your toes to outwit him.
3. He is truly a great companion.sticks to me like glue.I call him the VELCRO dog.
4. Besides all the above he is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. and everyone that sees him agrees. His groomer said he has a magnificent coat  and is a joy to groom.
I recommend your kennel to anyone and you may use this letter as a reference .Also if anyone would like to ask my questions about my experience  Jeri  Roseburg  , Oregon 


Dear MaryAnn,
"I named my puppy Jasper after the gem Red Jasper. He is certainly a gem. When we left your kennel, you suggested that I socialize him while being very careful about exposing him to any diseases. Well. he had no problem socializing & now when someone comes into the waiting room, he wants to go & greet them. He plays with his toys or sleeps in the therapy room with me while I am in therapy for those children who are OK with dogs. He shas even won over some children who are afraid of dogs. I used him with one of my 16 yr old autistic, mentally challenged non verbal patient who did not like dogs. After awhile , she was able to calm down by rubbing him & then was able to return to work. Her parents were amazed. I cant say enough about how wonderful he is in every way. I am so glad that you breed such wonderful puppies."
Denice D Clapp, M.C. CCC-SLP, Cert. AVT
Speech-Language Pathologist Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist
Lynchburg, VA 


I want you to know that she is a total joy! Our family is thrilled with her. She is a wonderful puppy, with a great temperament, very social and very smart! She is beautiful and gets a lot of attention when we take her out. She is completely potty trained and learned within two weeks. She is also crate trained now as well.
I have been attending obedience class and she sits, stays and walks on her leash on command. We are going to continue with our classes because it is fun to see her learn and know that we can count on her behavior in different circumstances. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are delighted with her. Thanks for all the good work you do to provide happy, healthy pets to families. We would recommend you and your kennel highly to others seeking a standard poodle.
Christine Jacobs   , Bristol PA